Webinar Machines-3D
23 March 2023

Webinar Lattice Medical x Machines3D

On 6 April, we will be taking part in a webinar organised by Machines3D to discuss our filaments for 3D printing.

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If you’re wondering which Lattice Services filament is best suited to your 3D printing project, then this webinar is for you!

You will have the pleasure of meeting Kévin Roux and Florian Plouviez. This will be the perfect opportunity to find out more about 3D filaments and the services we offer.

Firstly, we’ll introduce you to Lattice Services, so you can find out how this branch of Lattice Medical came into being.

Then we will talk about the characteristics of each of our filaments and you will have the chance to see first-hand the possible applications with the presentation of various prints and use cases for each of them.

Have your questions ready, we’ll be delighted to answer them!

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