23 January 2024

Find our filaments for 3D printing on Ultimaker Cura!

Great news, our 3D printing filaments are now available on Cura!

The profiles of our ABS, PETG et PC filaments are now available on the Cura website. Just click here to find out more about our filaments and their Cura profiles.

What’s more, by downloading the Ultimaker Cura software you can install our ABS, PETG and PC 3D printing filaments.

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve installed your Ultimaker Cura software, modify the predefined settings to access our filaments.
In the settings, go to the Ultimaker store to add more materials to your software.

When the store pop-up tab appears, type “Lattice Services” in the search bar, then install the desired filament (ABS, PETG or PC).
To finalize the installation, restart your application.

Finally, when you open your application again, go back to the settings and you’ll see that a new “Lattice Services” folder has appeared.

Now it’s up to you to create your best designs with our 3D printing filaments!