27 May 2020


COUSIN BIOTECH and LATTICE MEDICAL sign a collaboration agreement for the manufacture of MATTISSE implants for breast reconstruction developed by LATTICE MEDICAL

COUSIN BIOTECH and LATTICE MEDICAL have signed a partnership agreement in the presence of their financial partners, allowing LATTICE MEDICAL to produce pre-series of resorbable implants for breast reconstruction by 3D printing in order to conduct the first clinical trials. LATTICE MEDICAL is installing an innovative, flexible and automatable production unit in an ISO7 clean room, consisting in particular of 3D printers enabling the manufacture of implantable medical devices adapted to patients. This “3D printing farm” is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of implantable medical devices and will enable LATTICE MEDICAL to design other applications than the MATTISSE prosthesis, in the field of tissue engineering and reconstructive surgery.

All the information by clicking on this link: CP partnership COUSIN BIOTECH & LATTICE MEDICAL